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Add lights to your model – Rule the night skies!

This scratch-built balsa plane is the Wedgy, featured in Model Airplane News November, 1940. The V-shaped fuselage is covered with transparent red and has solid white strip LEDs shining downward. The wing is white on the top and clear on the bottom. It has programmable LEDs shining upward in the wing.
Night flying is fun, different, and pretty cool. I’m lucky to belong to a club, the Ravenna Thunderbirds, Jetway Airport, Ravenna, Ohio. We can fly until 11:00 pm at our field and we have multiple club organized night-flys during the year. To fly at night, you’ll need an illuminated plane. There are a few ways to do this: - Light up the inside of the plane. - Shine an LED on the plane, e.g. from...


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